Become a Mentor

Our Mentors are senior leaders with strategic management experience in any sector.  They also have knowledge of the particular challenges of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.  

Mentors will typically:

Have experience of

  • Management/strategy and will have held CEO-type roles with an overall responsibility for organisational strategy.
  • Working in or with the voluntary sector.
  • Mentoring/coaching, being alongside and/or enabling.

Be able and willing to operate within the Charity Mentors model, including;

  • working to project aims (short-term, strategic, specific goals)
  • attending at least two of the four annual mentor meetings (2 of which are held virtually)
  • being in a position to respond to emails in a timely fashion
  • providing feedback at the end of the mentoring project, and submitting progress reports as required
  • offering help on a pro bono basis.
  • the ability to complete at least one mentoring project and commence at least two mentoring projects in a year.

We are also looking for a spread in terms of specific experience, skills and interests to ensure that we have the capacity to meet different needs, as well as ensuring we have a diverse community of mentors from a range of different backgrounds.

We are seeking individuals who might not otherwise be accessible to mentees and who are willing to work with a range of organisations across different sectors and of different sizes (both small to large).

We will do our best to match mentors with appropriate mentees, in terms of charitable sector, geographical location, and type of strategic issue, for example.