Our Mentors

Our mentors have all been selected for their experience in running major organisations and their understanding of the voluntary sector.  Their role is to draw on their experience to guide and support you in your decision making.  We examine feed-back from each case and have regular meetings with our mentors so we can be sure we are providing a service that is relevant and tailors to the needs of our mentees.

Become a mentor

Are you interested in becoming a mentor? 

The not-for-profit sector is being called to shoulder more responsibilities as government funding is curtailed.  The managers of these organisations need to develop knowledge and skills covering many areas.  Typically they manage complex challenges at the same time as operational firefighting in an often complicated environment.  And they may have scant resources and little time.  This can be a lonely and difficult experience where objective, dispassionate and sympathetic feed-back can make a huge difference.

What are we looking for?

Charity Mentors are senior leaders with strategic management experience in any sector.  They also have knowledge of the particular challenges of the voluntary sector.   Mentors will typically:

  • Have experience of management/strategy and will have held CEO-type roles with an overall responsibility for organisational strategy.
  • Have experience with the voluntary sector.
  • Have experience of, and an aptitude for, mentoring/coaching, sitting alongside and enabling.
  • Be willing to operate within Charity Mentors model, including; project outline (short-term, strategic, specific goals), come to at least two of the four annual mentor meetings, be in a position to respond to emails in a timely fashion (48 hours maximum), provide feedback at the end of the mentoring project, and 6-weekly progress reports[NM1] .
  • Have availability: ability to complete 2 mentoring projects a year.
  • Be able and willing to offer help pro bono.

We are also looking for a spread in terms of specific experience, skills and interests to ensure that we have the capacity to meet different needs. We are seeking individuals who might not otherwise be accessible to mentees and who are willing to work with a range of organisations across different sectors and of different sizes (both small to large).

Time commitment

  • We aim to complete a project within four to five months, but durations vary.
  • Within the project duration, the number of meetings will also vary. Anything from one or two, to five or six. It is important to keep momentum with your mentee.
  • Most meetings last between one to two hours.
  • We ask that mentors try to take on at least two projects per year. The more you do, the more you get out of it!
  • We also organise several mentor meetings a year. This is a chance to get to know your fellow mentors and to develop and hone approaches to particular issues.