Here is some of the feedback received from organisations we have helped in recent months.

My experience with Charity Mentors was transformational. It helped me separate the struggles we’d faced in scaling up and implementing innovative projects with the value and impact our work was having on the ground. Alongside a big dose of leadership development and strategic planning this programme has given me back my energy and excitement to get back out there again.

Lisa Oulton, Director

I have found the meetings so useful and it has given me tools, skills and also confidence in myself to push the charity forward to help even more Kent children.

Mentoring provides a strategic approach of help and support for charities, helping them recognise that although they are a charity they do need to think like a business and plan accordingly. We have developed and delivered a business plan for the next 3 years that not only pushes us but is also achievable.

Jane Pearman, CEO

This was not a matter of life or death – however what it did do was allow me to focus my mind, and make plans away from the noise of my day to day role. Without mentoring it would have taken me longer to get to this point, and as the lockdown started straight after our first meeting the plans would not have been formulated yet, as lockdown provided a massive unwelcome distraction away from my plans. The mentoring sessions forced me to think about me, my plans and the bigger picture despite the chaos that was going on around us due to the pandemic.

Liza Thompson, CEO

I was looking for support with a new charity and novation.  It helped me to validate what I had been doing during a tricky year.  My mentor was able to hold a mirror up to what I had achieved.  I needed help with strategy and in navigating complexity and all the issued I raised were resolved.

Lucy Medhurst, Director

As a social enterprise we had grown quite a lot and needed a person to work with us to help in the transition period from going from one CIC into 1 CIC and 2 charities.  My mentor made me for the first time as a CEO of a small to medium sized CIC feel understood.  I am a creative entrepreneur who has envisioned, established, built and grown this company.  I explained the company, vision, aims and process to my mentor and she totally got it.  It was the most freeing experience.  Instead of feeling like some wonky cog in a strange wheel I felt affirmed, appreciated and that I had created something wonderful.

Rebecca O’Neil, CEO

This service is great for when you need someone outside of your world to give you clarity and support, to make better decisions, while challenging your own thinking.

Johanna Aiyathurai, Manager 21 Together

My mentor provided much needed support during a challenging year and in a new role!

Mary Stredwick, CEO, Rainbow Centre Folkestone

It’s a brilliant process to understand and reflect a specific issue …. and then address and process a plan for positive organisational development

Jo Dryer, CEO Animate Arts Company

The role of a CEO is a lonely one, the breadth of our responsibilities is huge. After the long interruptions from COVID, I needed to re-set myself as my confidence and clarity of thought were an issue for me. I could not see how to move forward. Having somebody intuitive to listen and simply reaffirm what I was doing proved priceless, giving me the confidence to move forward strategically. Without is I would have become less effective, and my confidence would have continued to suffer.

Martyn Reeves, CEO, Friends of Wisdom Hospice

Effective personal support with a focus on evaluating your working practice and supporting your own development, which in turn helps your organisation.

Tad Taberer, CEO Maidstone Community Support Centre